All meat in our breakfast is from local farmers and suppliers, and prepared in our own Butchery, just next to the cafe. Our bread is from Blue Sky Bakery in Hebden Bridge. Eggs are from local farms and we use as many local suppliers as we can.

Yorkshire Big Breakfast         £5.95
Back Bacon, Craggies Sausage, Bury Black Pudding, Mushroom,
Tomato, Baked Beans and Free Range Egg served with toast.

Yorkshire Breakfast Butty        £3.95
Back Bacon or Craggies Sausage served with either Tomato,
Mushroom or Egg.

Free Range, Scrambled Egg on Toast or Bagel with Back Bacon  £4.50
Free Range Egg Benedict on Bagel                £4.95
Apricot Teabread Toasted with Butter                £1.80
Blue Sky Bakery Toast with Butter Jam, Marmalade or local Honey      £1.50


All meat in our main meals is from local farmers, and prepared in our own Butchery, just next to the cafe. Pies, sausages, quiche, fishcakes, burgers, stews and casseroles are all made by ourselves in the Craggies kitchen, using fresh, local ingredients.

Craggies Pie of the Week served with fries and peas        £6.95
Homemade Fishcakes served with fries and salad            £6.95
Craggies Pork Sausage and Mash          £6.95
Craggies Quiche and Salad                    £6.20
Craggies Beefburger,  fries and salad     £6.95
Craggies Chicken Fillet Burger served with fries and salad    £6.95
Ham and Leek Hotpot                                  £6.20
Jacket Potato served with Chilli or Roasted Veg
and Cheese & salad                                     £5.95


Poached Salmon with a Dill Dressing          £6.50
Roast Chicken and Avocado                        £6.50
Grilled Halloumi and Sun Dried Tomatoes    £6.50
Ploughmans Platter                                        £7.25
Pork Pie, Roast Ham, Wensleydale Cheese, Pickles and homemade bread

Antipasti Platter                        £7.25
Chorizo, Salami, Parma Ham, Pastrami, Cheese, stuffed peppers and
olives served with homemade bread


Craggies Homemade Soup of the Day served with
speciality locally produced bread                   £3.90
‘Yorkshire’ Welsh Rarebit                              £4.95
Craggies Chicken Liver Pate on Toast          £4.95
Loaded Potato Skin and Salad                       £4.95
Roast Veg and Feta pizza bread and salad   £4.95
Apricot Teabread toasted with butter              £1.80


Made freshly every day by us.

Rump Steak, Red Onion, Chilli Jam and Rocket Panini    £5.95
Goats Cheese, Chilli Jam and Rocket Panini                    £5.95
Roasted Veg and Feta Panini                                            £5.95
Bacon, Brie and Mango Chutney Panini                            £5.95
Roast Beef, Red Onion and Horseradish                          £5.50
Honey Roast Ham, Salad Leaves and Mustard Mayo      £5.50
Turkey, Brie and Cranberry Sauce                                   £5.50
Wensleydale, Beetroot and Rocket                                  £5.50
Houmous, Sun Dried Toms, Red Onion and Rocket       £5.50


Cakes & sweets baked daily by us in our own bakery, next to the cafe.

Various Cakes
(make your choice from a selection of our own freshly baked Cakes)        £3.50
Craggies homemade Scone with Clotted Cream and Jam                          £2.95
Craggies Brownie and Ice Cream                                                                £3.50
Just Jennys Ice Cream (from Greetland) (3 boules)                                    £2.95


All our coffee beans are from the fabulous Grumpy Mule of Huddersfield.

Latte                                    £1.95
Cappuccino                         £1.95
Americano                           £1.80
Espresso                             £1.50
Mocha                                 £2.10
*add an extra shot                 .30p
Hot Chocolate                    £1.95
*add whipped cream and marshmallow   .30p
Pot of Yorkshire Tea           £1.70


Coke                                 .90
Diet Coke                          .90
San Pelligrino Lemon or Orange     £1.10
(inc. Ginger beer, Dandelion & Burdoch, Rose Lemonade, Traditional Lemonade and much more)                      £1.75
Milk                                   .60
Fruit Juice                        £1.60