Get your Christmas Turkey from Craggies!

Being as we are, we wanted only the best turkeys for our customers this Christmas.

The closest local producer we could find that met our high expectations was Hostingley Farm in Dewsbury.


Hostingley Farm Free Range is a family run business headed by Tim & Lynne with over 30 years experience of raising high welfare turkeys and geese.

The turkeys and geese stay on the farm from day old to oven ready in time for Christmas. Once they are old enough they are given freedom to graze in paddocks and fields around the farm, with access to shelter if they should choose.

All their geese and turkeys are fed naturally on grass, grain from our own assured farm, and specially prepared ration with no additives or growth promoters.

Here at Craggies we are proud to now be taking orders for your Christmas Turkey or Goose, call in and chat to Tom our butcher about what you would like.

Phone us for a chat on 01422 417417 or Email us and we’ll get back to you:
Merry Christmas to you all!